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What makes Accu-Tint Inc. different?


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dia_red.gif  High Quality Window Glass Coating & Tinting Products

dia_red.gif  Highest Quality Professional Installation of Auto Glass Coating & Tinting

dia_red.gif  Exclusive Huper Optik installer for automobiles in Middle TN Area

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Why Tint Your Car?


Tinting your automobile can not only enhance it's appearance, but will also reduce glare for increased safety, create a cooler interior and ad UV protection.  We proudly use the latest window film products and are certified installers of Llumar film, the largest provider of professional films on the market today.

Just like in your home or office, window film can greatly reduce energy costs by improving fuel economy of your vehicle.


Accu-Tint Inc.  provides quality installation with one piece back windows for a perfect fit.    Our climate controlled environment reduces potential contamination for perfect results.


Not sure what your auto or recreational vehicle needs?  We're here to help!  Contact us today to schedule a free, no hassle or obligation estimate.  Please call 615-859-5519, or contact us here.

Click here to visit the site of Llumar Window film or Huper Optik and learn more about their great products!
For performance tuning, suspension and more please visit our friends at Precision Motoring, at

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