Creating An Environmentally Friendly Office

If you are operating an office and you want to become more environmentally friendly, there are a variety of approaches you can take to ensure you are kind to the planet. As commercial window tinting experts in Nashville, we work with numerous offices to help cut down on energy costs, which in turn leads a to a planet-friendly office.

From conserving energy to recycling, employ the following tips to help your employees create an eco-friendly office space.

Lower Your Energy Costs

The first place to begin when you are creating an environmentally friendly office space is to cut down your energy costs. Not only will this save your company money every month, it will also help to protect the planet through less energy consumption.

You can lower energy costs through a variety of methods. First, you can invest in commercial window tinting. This investment will allow you to spend less money on cooling costs during the hot summer months. Next, you can implement a smart thermometer that can help to regulate heating and cooling. Finally, commit to less extreme temperatures in your office to lower energy consumption.

Implement A Recycling Plan

If your office doesn’t already have a recycling program, get one started. Implement the use of recycling bins throughout your office and encourage the use of them. Take the time to teach your employees about what can and cannot be recycled. Set up goals for how much your team will recycle each month and create a celebration for successfully reducing waste.

Encourage Carpooling

One of the biggest ways you and your employees can reduce your carbon footprint is by utilizing less fuel to get to and from work. An easy way to lower this impact is by encouraging a carpooling system for your employees. Incentivize people to carpool through a reward system. Perhaps each day that someone carpools with a coworker is equivalent to a set number of points. Allow employees to turn these points in for extra days off from work or other high-value rewards.

You can also encourage those who are able to utilize mass transit to get to work or provide bonus points for those who bike or walk to work. You can even take this one step further by allowing everyone a day to work from home if possible.


Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Another way you can help promote an eco-friendly office is by choosing all-natural cleaning products. Many cleaning products are extremely toxic to the environment and by cutting these out of your office space you can contribute to cleaner rivers with less pollution.

Not only can you cut out toxic cleaning products, you can also start implementing office products that are eco-friendly. Choose recycled papers, eco-friendly pens, and other green office products.

Reach Out To Accu Tint Today

If you are trying to cut down on energy consumption and create an environmentally friendly office, talk to us about implementing commercial window tinting. We can help you keep the temperature in your office space regulated with less use of your HVAC system. This leads to a happier planet and less cost to your company each month. Reach out today to learn more.