Keeping Your Dog Cool In The Car During The Summer

As a dog lover, you most likely enjoy taking your four-legged pal with you almost anywhere you go. From making a bank run to getting a coffee and sharing a puppuccino with your furry pal, nothing is better than cruising around town with your dog alongside you. However, during the summer months, it can become extremely hot inside your car. Nashville’s heat is nothing to laugh at and your dog, who lacks the ability to sweat the way you and I can, might be feeling that heat when you are out and about.

Check out these important tips for keeping your dog cool in your car and talk to us today about how car window tinting in Nashville might help keep your vehicle more comfortable for every passenger.

Bring Along The Water

When you are heading out for a day of running errands with your pup, make sure you bring along ample water for the ride. Your dog will need to hydrate frequently as they will utilize panting to cool down. The more they pant, the more water they lose, making a source of water a must. Invest in a small travel water bowl and keep your pooch hydrated no matter where the day takes you.

Never Leave Them In The Heat

When the summer temperatures are spiking, your car will turn into an oven in a matter of minutes. Remember, your dog cannot handle as much heat as you can. Even a quick 15 min trip into a store can be enough to cause heat stroke in your dog. During the summer months, never leave your dog alone in your vehicle. Even with a window cracked, they can quickly overheat.

Pay For Car Window Tinting

A great way to keep your dog from baking in the sun’s rays while you drive around town or down the highway is to invest in window tinting. A window tint can help ensure your vehicle doesn’t overheat while you are on the road. Not only will your dog enjoy the darker, cooler interior, you will as well.


Utilize Your Vehicle’s A/C

While you might enjoy feeling the wind through your hair, on super hot days if you bring your dog along for the ride, make sure you utilize your vehicle’s A/C. By pointing a few vents towards your dog, you can keep them cool even with the hot sun in the sky. Save the head out the window experience for a cool fall day.

Know When To Leave Them At Home

Even though taking your dog with you to run errands is an enjoyable experience, there are simply times it is better to leave Fido at home in your air-conditioned home. If you know you will have to run into stores and other places that your dog isn’t allowed to join you in, it is wiser to just leave your dog at home. Only bring them along if you are visiting establishments that welcome your dog or if you will be staying in the car until you arrive at your next destination.

If you want to keep your car’s interior cooler for you and your pooch, talk to our team about investing in car window tinting in Nashville. We can help you enjoy a nicer ride with professional window tinting.